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Baked Fig with Chocolate and Biscotti

This is so simple, so delicious and looks so fancy! It’s pretty healthy too!

It’s Vegan if you swop the honey for maple syrup, gluten-free and exceptionally low in sugar; it could be refined sugar free depending on the chocolate you use too!

As with all of my recipes, I don’t weigh things with scales, I weigh using my judgement. I hate the restriction of accuracy in cooking. I would implore learning the basics and then freeing yourself into creativity by just experimenting!! Buy recipe books for inspiration, but read them in bed or on the tube...absorb and then enjoy creating!

So allow yourself to discover the right chocolate consistency that YOU think is best, put as much ginger on as YOU like. Some left overs? Great! What can you make with them? A new adventure and creation awaits you!

So, I had some choc sauce left with this recipe, but I enjoyed it the next day as a fondant style treat, as it hardens in the fridge. You also get this delicious figgy-honey syrup left on the baking parchment after removing the figs and letting it cool, which, in keeping with the marvellous 'zero waste' movement, you can put on your toast the next day!


* one very ripe fig

* half a bar of dark, ethically sourced, chocolate (70% or higher)

* coconut oil

* honey (or maple syrup)

* almond milk

* vanilla bean paste (the best qua you can afford)

* ground cinnamon and ginger

* almond biscotti crumbs 

* hemp seeds + cashew yog (optional) 

*** obviously try to buy organic where you can!


- Heat the oven to around 150 degrees C - not too hot.

- Coat the figs in already melted coconut oil.

- Pop them in the oven (10 mins)

- Melt the chocolate, and add some cinnamon + vanilla bean paste

- Mix some almond milk into the melted choc pot to achieve your desired consistency of choc sauce 

- Turn off the oven and drizzle some raw honey over the figs and sprinkle some ginger on them too. Then leave the figs in the now cooling oven.

- Crush the biscuits and put on a plate waiting for the figs later (biscotti is oily so holds together well)

By the time you've eaten your dinner, the figs will still be hot but cool enough to eat. Put the fig on top of the biscuits, and drizzle a plentiful amount of chocolate over the fig. Sprinkle with something pretty and colour-contrasting like hemp seeds, and perhaps add some vegan ice cream or yoghurt on the side.

We didn't rate cashew yog, but thought coconut yog would work well. Likewise, amaretti biscuits would work well instead of biscotti. 

Enjoy!!! X x x

Do let me know and take a pic if you make it!!

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