What is a wellness coach?

Firstly, what is wellness? The term is bandied about quite frequently today, so let's clarify this first.

To feel 'well' (as in, 'How're you?' 'I'm well, thanks'), you are in a state of good physical, mental (and perhaps spiritual) health most of the time. 

Wellness is the pursuit of that all around (holistic) health.

Your health and 'wellness', is usually used to mean: how is your physical health and how are you overall in life - your mood, your relationships, your sense of self-worth etc...wellness encompasses a lot, and with so many commitments in today's life, it can feel quite overwhelming to manage alone. 

coach is somebody who helps you to improve your performance on something specific and helps to focus you on your goals. So a Wellness Coach is as it sounds; somebody who helps to focus you on your wellness. 

So what is Wellness Coaching like with you, Boo?

Coaching with Boo

Put simply, I am the ears of an unbiased friend, willing and wanting to listen to you and hear you out. I came to this after managing my own wellness with my own mentors and friends. I found that the most beneficial thing of all, when needing support, was to just have somebody to listen to me. I didn't want their opinion, but I did want their guidance, or more rather, I just wanted them to hold my hand and be there for me; draw up a plan of action to get back on track, check-in with me and help to keep me accountable. But friends, mums, boyfriends, they all have jobs and their own issues too, it's unfair to ask this of them, and this is where a Wellness Coach come in...



Because 'wellness' can be so vast and is hugely individualistic, as your Wellness Coach, I will spend a great deal of time simply listening to you and giving you the time and space you need to express yourself. Sometimes we feel we need help, but we can't quite put our finger on why or what. This is why 'wellness' coaching can be so beneficial, because we can look at everything in your life.

After a good period of simply chatting. Together, you and I will create a plan of action for you to get back into feeling happy and well. Based on goal setting, either for that day/week/month /year, we will set out manageable tasks for you to carry out, design rituals that fit well within your daily life and seek to understand the possible reasons as to what may be preventing you from being 'well' and/or reaching your goals.

Each person's coaching session will be unique. Some people want to walk and talk and allow thoughts and actions to come organically to them in our session. Others want a more methodical approach - to hash through their thoughts and ideas, write them all down, analyze them closely and draw up a plan of action to achieve their optimal wellness.

Final thoughts...

I support people holistically with an open, inclusive and yogic background. We will implement step-by-step structures in order to reach certain goals surrounding your individual ideals of health and wellness, whilst also gently tapping into the root of what makes you unique and how we can treasure and uplift that.

We will discover behavioral patterns in your current lifestyle and see if those need tweaking. At a manageable pace, we can begin to finely-tune your current lifestyle, to bring you into your new optimal wellness.

It is important to note that this is not therapy. I am approaching this as somebody who has the gift of time to give to you, the experience of working with people within the holistic and alternative therapy environment and as somebody deeply passionate and aware that most people simply need a hand to hold on occasions. Having a good and tangiable support system is essential in today's society and can go a long way in enchancing your life, however sometimes we do indeed need more help, and in that case, I will refer you to your GP.

How do I begin & how much is it?

You begin by getting in touch with me. You can phone, email, DM on Instagram, speak to me in person...

Email:           yogawithboo@gmail.com 

Mobile:         07413872807

Instagram:   @organicchicyogafreak

Classes:         Class locations

We then arrange a time and day that suits your current schedule best.


Sessions can be done online via video chat (I like using Zoom), in-person; at home, in your office, in a cafe - whichever setting is best for YOU.

Our initial session may be longer than the preceding sessions, So I would advise booking in for the longer session an going from there. Session time frames:


30 mins (£30)*

40 mins (£45)*

1    hour  (£60)*

* price includes: one 1-2-1 session, two text/ phone 'check-ins'. I am happy to discuss alternative financing options.

If you feel you would benefit from having a wellness coach support you, get in touch NOW. I am waiting for you ! 

Begin your first step into your new life, get in touch now.
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